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    About WiMetrics Corporation

WiMetrics Corporation, a leading provider of Wireless LAN (WLAN) security and intrusion protection solutions, delivers the WiSentry Suite of software products to secure corporations from wireless intrusions and rogue devices. As 802.11 wireless LAN technology gains popularity due to its low cost and productivity benefits, IT personnel charged with managing 802.11 wireless systems harbor justified concerns regarding how to secure the existing 'wired' network from unauthorized access via the wireless network.

WiMetrics brings a new level of security to corporations by providing real-time 24x7 software monitoring of wired networks that displays all wireless device activity and provides associated alerts. WiMetrics WiSentry products:

  • Detect Wireless Access Points and uniquely identify Rogue Devices
  • Detect and block attempts at unauthorized access
  • Provide configurable alerts to network administrators
  • Record information about the intrusions.

Wireless network operational data is collected and can be used to evaluate many aspects of wireless network performance.

WiMetrics products are developed and supported by an experienced management team whose combined experience spans over 50 years of working with and understanding the needs of enterprise organizations to manage, connect and extend corporate information over various protocols, operating systems, hardware devices and networks.

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