Enterprise Wireless Security Seminar
March 22nd, 2005 

Forrester Research and WiMetrics joined forces to present a free webcast discussing serious and often overlooked elements of Enterprise Wireless Security. The webcast consisted of three elements:

  1. Forrester Research - Analyst Paul Stamp
  2. WiMetrics Corporation - CEO Mike O'Brien
  3. WiSentry Online Demonstration - You may request an online demonstration at any time.

Windows Media files for playback are at the bottom of this page.

Meaningful Wireless Security involves a number of elements. Setting policy, ad-hoc scanning, and fractional 802.11 frequency monitoring are inadequate. With the advent of low cost plug-and-play wireless devices, essentially any unmonitored Ethernet jack represents a serious threat point to corporate security. For meaningful protection from wireless intrusions, 100% of your wireless AND WIRED networks must be monitored 100% of the time.

Noted Forrester Research analyst Paul Stamp and WiMetrics CEO Mike O’Brien articulated these topics and more. WiMetrics also provided a live demonstration of WiSentry, showing how corporations are automatically monitoring 100% of the wired network 24x7 to ensure only approved access points are connected to your network.

WiMetrics delivers a new level of wireless security to corporations by providing real-time 24x7 software monitoring of wired networks that displays all wireless access point activity and provides associated alerts.



Click here for the
Forrester portion of the presentation. (11.1mb)

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WiMetrics portion of the presentation. (11.7mb)


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